Music Engineering

Wanna hit the studio? Is it time for you to record?
Great! Make sure you come work with some professional engineers while in the Carolinas and beyond. We have a list of facilities you can reach out to for your services. Great Studios Recording Engineers and top notch recording gear. From the best microphones to some of the best digital and analog boards in the game. Rates always vary when it comes to recording, mixing and mastering. Whatever your budget we can facilitate. Enjoy professional and private sessions for yourself in some of the best recording facilities in the nation. Recording is simple. Have your music and be ready to record. There is always a balance on the recordings so the engineer and artist can tolerate the recording and access the sound. The mix is another part of the process, so please don’t expect a final sound after recording a record. Here is a variation of pricing.

A Room Recording through Top of the line boards
$95- $125 hr
B Room smaller room and booth 2Track Recording $40-$75 hr
C Room smallest room and 2 Track Recording can be from $40-$60 hr

For great sounding music mixing is very important. Cleaning up the overall sound of a recording and equalizing instruments and vocals can be very tricky. Professional Engineers are highly suggested. It is absolutely necessary to balance your sounds for great quality music. We understand the importance of clean vocals and balanced out music whether you’re talking about 2 track mixing or fully tracked out mixes. We have Highly Qualified Professional Engineers using the latest technology from Pro Tools, Logic and other digital programs with limitless plugins to deliver the best mixes money can buy. We deliver very clean and high quality natural sounding raw vocals, all the way to Vocals mixed with Auto Tune and other high quality Plug Ins. What ever you want that’s technically possible, we can deliver. Your initial consultation will be where you make all request far as the direction of sound you’re looking for. You will need to clarify your request in an email. You will be given 2 revisions before your mixes are considered finalized. We GUARANTEE you GREAT QUALITY…

Prices will be $125 per single track
EP 5-7 Songs will be $115 per track
Album will be negotiable

Don’t miss out on having a great sounding record. Mastering is the last engineering step before allowing the world to hear your music. Make a great choice and allow us to help you with the quality of your music. You can’t go wrong working with professional engineers using all the best and latest state of the art technology, mastering programs and outboard gear. We are well equip with a combined 30 plus years experience. Not only will we assure that you have great quality sounding music, we’ll also help you with ISRC coding if needed as well. We want you to be completely satisfied and prepared to release your music correctly when working with us and choosing our excellent services. We finalize your mixes with 4 different types of Audio Files. That would be you usual MP3. Your M4a for streaming. Your Wave File for iTunes and all your online stores and of course your 2nd highest quality Wave file for radio TV etc.
Pricing is
1 Track $100
Ep 5-7 Tracks $90 per track
Full Album Negotiable

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