The Cons of Independent Record Labels

· Confined Influence
The larger record companies have a huge advantage over the independent ones since they have more money and resources at their disposal.Therefore, independent brands are likely to have fewer employees and a smaller footprint.Companies of this size often have less sway because of their reduced influence on policy.Because of this, indies are limited in their ability to promote, advertise, and schedule events and guest appearances.
This is especially true when comparing them to larger record companies.With the promise of a larger share of the royalties collected, less coverage usually translates into less net income.
· Cost-cutting measures
Due to the lack of corporate backing, independent record companies often have fewer budgets than their big label counterparts.As a result, there will be few, if any, breakthroughs and a diminished ability to publicize events and products.It’s possible that this disadvantage may hinder your career as a musician by reducing your audience.
· The Commercial Impact Is Minimal
We all know that dropping the name “Jonny from Universal Record Label” immediately gains you instant credibility and access to higher-ups.If you just have the support of a small, obscure organization, you may not be able to take advantage of certain chances.Commercially and socially, major record companies have greater clout.Their artists are more widely publicized thanks to the greater number of media outlets that support them than indies.The publicity you get may be enough to help you advance in your profession, even if your contracts become more severe.

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